RSG257AARS Review – Samsung Counter Depth Side by Side Refrigerator

RSG257AARS Review

Are you looking for a counter depth Samsung Refrigerator? If so the Samsung RSG257AARS will likely be an attractive option. Counter depth refrigerators are by nature less deep than regular models.  Despite their smaller interior size they often carry higher price tags because they are specialty models.  However the Samsung RSG257AARS is a very affordable counter depth side by side refrigerator than can be purchased for less than $2400. Plus this was named refrigerator of the year by

A counter depth refrigerator is a great option for multiple reasons.  The main reason many of my customers are interested in a counter depth refrigerators is because they are less obtrusive in the kitchen. By nature the case of these refrigerators do not extend past the counter tops. Instead, they stick out just far enough for the doors to open freely.

The other reason counter depth refrigerators are nice you may not have thought of.  Refrigerators are getting much larger lately, with some models nearing 32 cu ft. However there is a drawback to these larger refrigerators for some people.  If you do not have a large family or typically buy a lot of groceries, this will leave a lot of empty space inside the larger refrigerators. Having a lot of empty space will leave a larger area to be cooled which will result in greater temperature fluctuations.

How does this relate to the Samsung RSG257AARS?  This model is only 24 cu ft.  This is still a lot of interior space but it is certainly less than the 28-32 cu ft sizes you see saturating the market lately. If you don’t feel like you could fill such a big fridge, this 24 cu ft model may be perfect for you, giving you a more tailored look in your kitchen and saving on energy costs.

Speaking of energy costs, this model is also Energy Star compliant which means it requires less electricity to run than many comparable models. It also provides you with a door alarm which will chime if the door is not shut tightly.  This will help ensure you don’t accidentally spoil your food by leaving the door ajar.

Once the door is shut again this model will use MultiFlow vents to quickly bring everything back to temperature.   These vents are located throughout the refrigerator to ensure even cooling.

An additional option I appreciate is the external temperature controls. These are located right on the water dispenser display so you can easily see where your refrigerator is currently set and make adjustments as needed.  This is way more convenient than older models which required you to go inside the refrigerator to make changes.

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